Christmas is coming up and I thought this would be a nice time to reflect on this crazy year. It has been the most rewarding year for me both personally and professionally. Since this is a website devoted to my photography, I won’t go into detail about my personal life, other than that I couldn’t be happier than I am right now!

In terms of my professional life, I have recently done much more sports photography than I thought I ever would, resulting in two upcoming magazine publications including my pictures. After hitting a small rut caused by too much real estate photography, I wanted to try sports photography just to revitalize my passion for photography.

I’m forever grateful that real estate photography allows me to make a living with photography, but there are certainly times where this too can be very demanding. Therefore, I wanted to try something new.

My first assignment was to photograph Vålerenga women’s football team at a home game against Avaldsnes for the local news publication VårtOslo. It was challenging, but I went home feeling rejuvenated and in need for more!

Vålerenga pep talk before the game against Avaldsnes, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

After that I photographed 2 more games for Vålerenga (including their cup final against LSK), 3 games for Skeid men’s football team, a horse race, an off-the-pitch football reportage, operated a camera broadcasting of the women’s handball game between Oppsal and Gjerpen, and will be photographing the last game of the season for Vålerenga men’s team in Mjøndalen on Sunday.

I’ve been busy, but the result has been two upcoming magazine publications as I mentioned. I will not tell you what it is until I see it printed, because I can hardly believe it myself. But as soon as the magazines are printed and publish, I’ll happily tell you all about it!

Does this mean that I’ve discarded documentary photography, which is what I originally am working towards? No, not at all, quite the opposite actually. I can imagine that I would lose passion for documentary photography as well at some point, just like I do from time to time with real estate photography. However, giving yourself other impulses, especially impulses allowing you to play and be on your toes, is vital in my opinion.

More documentary project will come! This is from the VII Workshop in Berlin 2019.
The whole project is currently available on my Instagram @bjornarmoronning.

Sports photography allows me to participate in what I love, and just leave it once the last blast on the whistle goes. It has given back my desire to resume my current documentary projects I got going and to explore new ideas. I’ve therefore realized that I, as a photographer, should always keep my options open, not locking myself to only on form of photography.

So that’s what’s on my mind. I have a lot of visions about what’s next, and I don’t feel like I can share all of my ideas just yet. However, sports photography and documentary photography will keep being a big part of what I deliver in my own channels. I realize that this could leed to some unfollowing, but at least I’m showning you what I’m most proud of and what drives me.